Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Introducing our new GVPL Board Liaison: Kathy Santini

This January Kathy Santini was appointed the GVPL’s board liaison to the Friends. Kathy was first appointed as a City of Victoria citizen rep in January 2014 and is very proud of the services provided by GVPL’s hard working and innovative staff.

She credits her Mom Pat with jumpstarting her love of books and reading. When she was six, on a train trip from Calgary to Vancouver, her Mom challenged her to finish the book Black Beauty before they were picked up by her grandparents at the train station. Kathy lost the bet, but a love affair with books began.

Kathy is a voracious reader who only reads fiction on beach vacations, preferring biographies, autobiographies and travel books. She loves to travel and no, she isn’t looking for a 12-step program for people who travel too much, because how can you travel too much? She spent the majority of her career as a journalist and p.r. professional, working in Afghanistan, California, Arizona, Nanaimo, Duncan and Victoria.  And while others would say she’s retired, she herself doesn’t like the term, because who wants to claim an identity with the word, “tired,” in it? She prefers the term jubilado; Spanish for retired.

Kathy really enjoyed participating in her first book sale and working with the Friends’ dedicated volunteers. She commented that it ran like a well-oiled machine and she is looking forward to the next sale in June.