Book Sales

News about our sales and book donations:

Please see our blog post of April 7, 2023 for more information.  As of April 2023, the Library's current staff shortages (and other issues that have come up) mean that the Friends have no booksale in sight and no storage for donations. We regret this, as the Friends have enjoyed holding booksales as much as our customers enjoyed attending them -- raising money for worthwhile library projects, re-cycling books to new readers, and providing a focus for the library community.  

Our recent sale was held Feb. 22 and 23, 2020.  Watch the News posting for the next event.

There are one or two smaller sales per year, usually at Nellie McClung Branch Library on a weekend, and usually one larger sale at an arena. Items for sale include books in good condition which have been withdrawn from the library, gifts not needed, and some audio-visual materials.

If you would like to volunteer for part of a sale, email Volunteers may have first pick of up to 12 books before the sale. 

Click the Results tab to see the amounts raised and how they are spent.