Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Friends' March 2019 Book Sale Summary

What do 82 dedicated, skilled volunteers, 234 plastic tote bins and 700 boxes of books have in common? All were vital factors in contributing to the Friends’ uber successful book sale, held March 23-24 at the Nellie McClung Library. Preliminary estimates in March were that $5,341 was raised in the most successful non-Pearkes sale in three years. For those who like statistics: that’s $624 an hour, or $10.40 a minute.
One young man, volunteering for the first time, said, “I’ve decided that you have to support the things you love; that’s why I’m here.” A retired primary school teacher, who comes to each sale to collect books for 1000x5 said, “Kids who haven’t been exposed to books before they get to school are under a big disadvantage and it takes a real effort from teachers and support workers to help them overcome it. This sale helps get those kids reading and saves problems down the road.”
Despite competing good weather, but perhaps because it was spring break, Victoria book lovers showed up in droves. At the end of the sale, books were taken away for other community groups: 1000x5 (who serve 2,500 preschoolers), Our Place, Wilkinson Road Correctional Centre, neighborhood “little libraries,” and a local West shore church, among others.

by Kathy Santini